Mykal Shaw
Senior Creative Specialising in Brand Experience



Hello. I'm a conceptual art director with nearly 20 years' experience in London agencies.

The work that most makes my eyes twinkle is experiential marketing, however, I've extensive experience in designing and maintaining brands along with all manner of print and digital art direction.



I've worked on everything from small-scale sampling campaigns to multi-million pound bespoke builds and typically work on every aspect of a project from strategy and concepts through design, artwork and production.



I have extensive experience in creating brands of all kinds and in many degrees of detail. From SME starter packs to give a consistent visual presence, to comprehensive sets of multichannel brand guidelines, I've designed the lot.



Once I understand how a brand works, I'm able to efficiently and sympathetically create all manner of design or marketing collateral that looks and feels intrinsic to the brand, regardless of channel.